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The K-20 California Education Technology Collaborative (K20CETC) consists of K-20 education leaders from across the state including the K-12 community, higher education, and informal education partners such as libraries and community based organizations. The K-20 California Education Technology Collaborative's mission is to support highly effective, innovative, network-enabled teaching and learning opportunities.

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The K-20 California Education Technology Collaborative's immediate goals are:

  • To facilitate partnerships that create efficiencies, enhance effectiveness, or hold great promise for creating new discoveries that demonstrate effective, innovative, network enabled approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To facilitate ongoing exchange of information and resources within K-20 communities of practice to support the professional growth of faculty and staff and the successful matriculation of students from K-12 through higher education.
  • To identify effective online teaching and learning methods, and promote best practices.
  • To advocate in support of policies and programs that advance online teaching/learning through use of collaborative approaches.
  • To seed new collaborative partnerships to a sustainable, funded, stand-alone state.

[Supporting highly effective, network-enabled teaching and learning opportunities for the California K-20 community.]

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